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Most of the artists we represent are available for bespoke composition; please contact with any specific requests. The composers listed below are our in-house writers, and are on call for pitches.

Yip Wong

Electronic / Dance / Ambient / Sound Design

Under his 'Deft' alter-ego, Yip Wong's heavy dancefloor beats, and immersive cinematic atmospheres make him perfect for everything from deep, emotional soundscapes to punchy pop, urban and dance styles.

Jamie Wilder

Electronic Pop / Urban / Dance / Ambient

Producer and remix artist Jamie Wilder creates glossy electronic tracks with warmth, groove and spirit.

Manni Dheensa

Techno / Ambient / Sound Design

As well as creating, DJing and performing his own forward-thinking brand of industrial techno and ambient music around the world, Manni is a reputed engineer for a number of big dance music artists, and has composed music and sound design for theatre and production music library.

Arun Sethi

Dance / Pop / Electronica / Ambient

As well as working as a producer at top independent music library Cavendish Music for ten years, Arun has written numerous library and bespoke tracks, and string arrangements. He has worked on jobs for KPM, BT Sport, Vice, Timberland, NBC Universal, Coldcut (Ninja Tune), Cavendish and more.

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